Christmas Countdown: Handmade Christmas Decorations part 3

Make a Pine cone Wreath

One way to get the most out of your Christmas decorations is to make a real impact at the front door. Before your guests have even entered your home you want them to be feeling the Christmas spirit, and feel as though they have come to celebrate the season at your place, so follow these steps to make a stunning and unique pine cone wreath.

Supplies needed:

  • 30 cm square cardboard
  • Pine cones
  • 40 cm long red, green or plaid Christmas ribbon
  • 20 cm long satin red ribbon
  • 7 x 8 mm round red beads
  • 8 x 8 mm round green beads


  1. Choose pine cones which are all the same size for a symmetrical wreath, or use a collection of pine cones in difference sizes for a truly unique and natural look.
  2. Draw a circle on your cardboard as big as you can without going over the edges.
  3. Place your pine cones around the circle and decide how thick you want your wreath to be. Draw another smaller circle inside the first circle and use scissors or a Stanley knife to cut out your wreath shape.
  4. Arrange the pine cones on your wreath again and this time glue them down, you may want to glue your pine cones down by their sides or choose a different position for each pine cone.
  5. Glue the beads onto the wreath, perched on the pine cones or peeking through, alternating between green and red.
  6. Tie your plaid ribbon into a big bow and fold each end of the ribbon in half horizontally and make a cut diagonally to cut a V shape in each end.
  7. Glue the plaid bow to the top of the wreath.
  8. Fold your satin ribbon in half and glue the ends to the back of the wreath to form a hanging hook.
  9. Leave your wreath somewhere safe to dry.
  10. Display your wreath on your front door, your gate or somewhere in your home.

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