Lunch Boxes for Adults

Lunch Boxes for Adults

There are now a great variety of stylish, colorful, sturdy and versatile, so I have reviewed some of the most popular lunch boxes to help you make the right choice of lunch box for you.

Lunch Boxes for Men

The Stanley lunch boxes have been around for nearly 100 years and they get passed on by generation, they are that good in design and construction and the most durable of lunch boxes around. These are ideal for the outside workman that gives their lunch box a hard time.  They can be taken on hunting trips, fishing trips and just throw it in the back of the car, Stanley certainly make the best lunch boxes for men.

The most popular lunch box for men is the Stanley Classic Lunchbox cooler and Bottle Combo.

It keeps my coffee nice and hot (not lukewarm) for over 2 days! As for cold, it had ice in my ice water in it after almost 3 days. Another great lunch box for men is the Stanley Classice Lunch Box Cooler 7 quart, this lunchbox is great, and it keeps holds enough for the day. Best product made. My husband just raves about it.
Lunch Bags for Women

There are so many great looking lunch bags for women now; they really do look like handbags.

Koko lunch bags are a fashionable and functional approach to lunch on-the-go, fun, ladylike and modern. The Koko lunch bags come with a great looking textured material, stylish and fashionable patterns.

The only difference is the fully insulated interior lining. Some of them have a drawstring closure, magnetic snap, shoulder strap, and an internal bottle holder. Bag easily wipes clean, inside and out. Exterior made of nylon.

 Sachi Bags are designer insulated lunch bags. It’s the fashionable way to carry your lunch, snack or any food. Each bag is fully insulated to help keep food warm or cold, whether bringing food to eat later or bringing ice cream home from the store. They have a great range of colors and sizes to choose from.

Another very popular lunch box for adults is the Deluxe Lunch Box with flatware and Napkin.  This is a nice lunch box you can carry not only meals, but snacks for the day. The salt and pepper shaker will spill if not upright. The utensils have a nice feel to them and I have no worry about them bending out of shape; great quality. If you like to pack in containers, the main compartment can hold about (3) 20-oz containers. In the top compartment you can fit drinks and extra stuff. There are two side zipper compartments on the side that are best used for flat items.

So as you can see there are so many great lunch boxes to choose from, so please check out Lunch Boxes for Adults to see more of the colors and styles to help you choose the right lunch box for you.






I have research and reviewed some of the most popular lunch boxes for adults, I hope this will help you make the right choice as there are so  many different styles and colors to choose from.

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    Now i have an idea on how to be stylish with my lunch box,i’ll ask ted to get one of those:)

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  • Jennifer Hedden

    Thank you for the great lunch box ideas. I really like the bento boxes.