12 Easy Melt and Pour Soap Recipes- book review


“12 Easy Melt and Pour Soap Recipes” contains original recipes, 37 color photos, and several places to buy soap base, molds, fragrances and other necessary supplies. Learn how easy it is to craft your own melt and pour soap in less than one hour! See a step-by-step tutorial with pictures for Seaweed Soap. Find your supplies at more than 15 online locations. These are all original recipes created by the author in her own kitchen. Written and photographed by the author of “The Joy of Melt and Pour Soap Making,” this eBook serves as an excellent companion volume.

I’ve always wanted to learn to make soap, so I was very intrigued to review Lisa’s book.  The introduction was very helpful to me as a soap novice.  Lisa talks about what to look for in a good soap base.  I learned so much about soap – did you know all soap contains lye?  

Get your measuring cups, spoons, wax paper and more and get ready to make some soap!  The main tool you’ll need is a microwave or double boiled to meal the soap base.  You will also need a spray bottle to spritz away any bubbles after pouring your mixture into the molds.  It will make your soap look so much prettier if you invest in a few molds in heart shapes and flowers.

Each recipe has been tested, comes with instructions and pictures.  Pick a recipe, get your ingredients at a local health food store and get soapy!  Each recipe has easy to follow instructions.  If I feel confident that I could make this beautiful soap, you can too!

Being a chocolate lover, I would love to try to make MAXIMUM Cocoa Butter Soap!  It uses real dark chocolate.  I think I may have to buy extra chocolate if I make this one! Another favorite is Coconut Fusion Soap.  I recently reviewed Coconut oil- this soap would be a great use for my supply of Coconut oil!  It contains shredded coconut, coconut milk and shea butter!  Sounds good enough to eat.

Don’t forget to utilize the Resources section at the end of the book.  Lisa lists places to find the best soap base and other soap crafting supplies. Each supplier has a website and phone number, many also have emails listed for any questions you might have.

After reading Lisa’s Soap Recipes E-book, I feel ready to make some soap!  I know it would be a great gift to add to a Christmas basket!  I highly recommend Lisa’s book to any one looking for a new crafty challenge!

Please visit Lisa Maliga on her website HERE.  Lisa has been designing, crafting and writing about soap crafting and making natural bath and body products for several years.

Buy 12 Easy Melt and Pour Soap Recipes on Amazon for your Kindle or Kindle reader.

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