5 Ways to Maintain Your Outdoor Wooden Furniture

Winter is almost here in New Hampshire!  Hopefully you have taken care of your outdoor furniture.  If not, read below!

Outdoor wooden furniture is a great way to make your front porch and backyard look nice. They are sturdy, cozy and do not come very cheap. This wooden furniture is great investment because they will last for a long time, but since you are placing them outside, you will have to maintain them properly. Follow these five simple ways to take care of your wooden furniture.

1.      Cover Them  When Not In Use

The easiest way to make sure that your outdoor wooden furniture is not damaged is to cover them with a protective cover whenever you are not using them. This protects them from rain and sudden showers of rain. It doesn’t take much time to buy protect covers for your furniture. You can go to any shop and ask for cover for your patio furniture Miami. Use covers specially designed to block out harmful rays of the sun and keep out water. If you keep your wooden outdoor furniture covered you can protect it from showers that suddenly happen, even if you are not home at that time.

2.      Clean The Furniture With A Wooden Furniture Cleaner

You must completely clean your wooden furniture twice or thrice a year with a special cleaner designed for this purpose. Place it in the open, complete wipe it with the cleaner to remove any dirt, cobwebs that might accumulate in the corners and sides. Use the wooden furniture cleaner that you can get in any furniture store in FT Lauderdale and scrub it clean. Be sure to follow the instructions because using it wrongly can damage the furniture. After you have washed the furniture, thoroughly dry it with a cloth so that there are no water drops. These may cause fungus or water marks on the expensive furniture.

3.      Paint At Regular Interval

The outer coating of the wooden furniture may get destroyed by the elements with time. You may notice that your patio furniture look dull, if so, you will know that you will have to sand, clean and re-paint them. Use a top protective coat when painting, to protect the colour from damage. You can also use special emulsions for wood which can prevent it from soaking humidity and rain.

4.      Dry The Furniture Very Well

Wood tends to soak in rain and moisture and start rotting. In order to avoid that always place your furniture in sunlight so that it can dry completely. Turn it upside down so that the under surface can be dried as well. Even if you had used the protective cover when it was raining it is recommended that you dry it in the sun.

5.      Carry Out A Hardware Check From Time To Time

With time the nuts and bolts in your furniture may become lose. You should, thus, always check these occasionally.

If you carry out these basic things you can be sure that your outside wooden furniture will last for a long time.

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