How to Keep Your House Clean When You Have Pets

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Pets bring a lot of fun and joy into a person’s life but they also bring a lot of extra work with them. A house with pets is constantly littered with pet toys, shed hair and dirty paw prints. As difficult as it sounds, there are a lot of things you can do to keep your house clean. There are many simple things that you can do to keep your house clean if you have pets. They are as follows –

1.      Vacuum As Much As You Can – Animals shed a lot and this is especially true for cats and dogs. You’ll even notice some hair in your hands when you pet them. Thus, the entire house is full of animal hair and depending on the number of pets you have, it is almost everywhere. The best way to deal with this is vacuum the places where the animals roam around. A trick to reducing the places animals frequent is shutting rooms when you don’t use them.

2.      Brush Your Pets Regularly – Different pets have different reactions to brushing. Most of them, however, dislike it and will do everything to evade the brush. The benefit of brushing your pet is that you can catch the loose hair before it litters your house. Also, you can take your pets out and then brush them. However, if your pets hate brushing, catch them during their lazy time, like after eating or just after they wake up.

3.      Wipe Off Their Paws – Pets go out and come back with dirty paws that leave paw prints everywhere on your precious clean floors. To deal with this, wipe their paws when they come back. Or better, get cleanroom mats that work much better than normal mats and would save you the hassle of cleaning your pets’ paws personally. This would also keep your house clean, apart from keeping your pets tidy.

4.      Get a Couch Slipover – While you can vacuum and catch the large hairs and hairballs, the small and tiny animal hairs escape your vacuum. These mostly stick to your couch and refuse to come off, even after using the best technology. To deal with this, get a custom made couch cover and put it over the couch. If you have a tight budget, simply put a blanket over the couch which would make cleaning easier.

5.      Be Careful While Choosing Cleaning Products – Pets are curious which is why you should be careful about the cleaning supplies you buy and keep them out of reach. Also, ammonia based cleaning products could be poisonous to your pets if they have a habit of licking freshly cleaned floors. Choose products that are eco-friendly and pet friendly as well.


It does seem like a lot of effort to put in for a clean house, but if you love pets then you have to work a little. These little things can make a lot of difference to the chaos in your house and make it better.

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