Revlon Luxurious ColorSilk Buttercream Hair Color Review


About the Product:

Experience Revlon Luxurious ColorSilk Buttercream™ for rich color and ultimate shine and softness. Enriched with our revolutionary ammonia-free Triple Butter Complex for nourished, hydrated and ultra conditioned hair. A combination of three of nature’s most decadent butters, with vitamins and antioxidants, create this luxuriously nourishing Triple Butter Complex:

– Mango to nourish
– Shea to hydrate
– Coconut to condition
– Superior Color. Gorgeous Shine. Conditioned Hair.

100% Gray Coverage, Ammonia-Free nourishing permanent cream color.

Available In 13 gorgeous shades

My Review:

beforeafter color

 The picture above tells the whole story!  Normally I go to Sally Beauty and buy the permanent Clairol Hair Color, mix it up and spend 45 minutes inhaling that horrible smell.  And then it seems to fade in like a week.  I used Revlon Luxurious ColorSilk in Medium Golden Brown last week.  The first thing I noticed was the WONDERFUL smell!  No skunk smells going on with Revlon.  It smelled like fruit!  It has mango and coconut, no wonder it smelled so good!  It was thick so it didn’t run all over my face.  Did I mention it smelled good?

After I left it on for 35 minutes, yes I have stubborn gray that takes a lot to cover it up, I took a shower and used the conditioner that came with it.  That intensive treatment conditioner left my hair feeling and smelling wonderful.  As you can tell in the pic above, my hair is shinier, healthier and overall looks like a million bucks!

I must admit that I didn’t think  a drugstore hair color would cover my gray and smell so wonderful.  And… it hasn’t faded!  I highly recommend Revlon Luxurious ColorSilk Buttercream Hair Color for anyone looking for a great new brand of hair color!

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  • Ady’s Foods

    Unfortunately I got a short hair. Latter Ima gonna contact you soon :D

  • michelle oakley warner

    wow what a difference, what a great color, i have to get that one, to brighten up my dullness, thanks for the great review

  • Crystal Gibson

    You are right, the pic above does tell the whole story! I seen this at Walgreens a few days ago, and normally I am a Loreal Feria girl. However, after seeing these pics I might just have to give Revlon a shot! Thank you so much for your review and the pic. Nothing like being able to see it to believe it!

  • Lisa Schweizer

    Thanks so much for the review, I neve tried Revlon before and my hair sure could use it right about now!

  • Mary Fagans

    Thank you for this review! I was going to color my hair in March and I was going to buy a more expensive hair color, till I read this and saw the before and after picture of your hair!! Amazing!

  • Sue Hull

    This is what I need. In 2011 I lost my hair from chemo.Now it’s coming so nice and curly/wavy but there’s hundreds more grays than I had before.LOL!! I’m going to check this out for sure. Thank you for the awesome review. You always do such great reviews :)

  • http://emptynest norma t

    dull gone, shine in

  • william saylor

    I have been wanting to try this brand I have hard to cover grey and hopefully it will cover it.

  • Shelly Johnson

    This may sound crazy, but I simply LOVE the name BUTTERCREAM!! I mena who doesnt want to think about yummy frosting when they dye thier hair lol. I have been thinking about going lighter on top with the weather getting warmer now, but I cant afford 100+ dollars for the salon. I think I am going to give this a shot. I will let you know how it turns out lol!!

    • SunnyBlondie

      Check out my review. I hope that helps.

  • Renee Travis

    I have used Revlon hair color many times, but not this new one. Next time I color it I am going with this. Thanks for the great review! :)

  • Peggy Greco

    I would like to try haircolor that smelled good as you described!

  • april

    wow,a haircolor that smells good?The ammonia smell of most of the colors out there is hard to ignore,and i loved the shine,I could see it in the picture!Dying to try this:)

  • Judy Lipcsak

    I’m wasn’t happy with my last hair color brand. This Revlon hair color brand sounds like it may work better. Thanks for the review.

  • Dora J Crow

    I am really surprised by the outcome too. I am hairdresser who uses Sally or Armstrongs for perm color, and it seems none of it stays in the hair shaft any more like it used to. They changed the formula to soy & all these special ingredients but they decrease staying power. I am glad to see your gorgeous outcome. It is so shiny and pretty! I cannot believe that you achieved THAT with a box color from a store! I may have to rethink my color choice. Thanks.

  • Cindy Brickley

    I have used Revlon hair dye for many years and love the products

  • rochelle haynes


  • natalie nichols

    Wow. What a nice, rich color!

  • SunnyBlondie

    Hey Everyone,
    I haven’t dyed my hair since I was 16. It’s getting way too pricey to keep going to salons. So I was in CVS and this color caught my attention. I used the 03G sun blonde one. Their werent many reviews so it was a bit scary. I was a little nervous but couldn’t stand my roots coming in so I decided to give it a shot. I thought the worst case scenario I would put highlights in. My normal hair color is like an ash to medium blonde. I had highlights done back in October. On Sunday I took the chance. The color came out very similar to the girl in the box. The only complaint I have is it does have like an orange or you could say strawberry blonde tint to it. That I could of lived without. I am still going to add sum highlights to it though, cuz I don’t like the tint. Other than that its not bad. I would use it again and I’m very picky. It kind if reminded me a little bit like a scarlet johansen blonde. Of course all dyed dry ur hair out a little. It doesn’t matter if its a home job or salon job. Just keep moisturizing. I did buy the oops stuff but its not really recommended for blondes more for people with darker shades. That was just a back up cuz I didn’t want to look like a muppet after. It is a very good base if u want to add highlights. That’s a plus to me. I will get a home highlighting kit. Good Luck!

  • Fee (Phyllis) Roberts

    I just got my hair cut and have been thinking about coloring it. I just need a change and wasn’t sure what brand I should get. This seems like it is a great product. I think I’ll try this one. It left such a beautiful sheen to your hair. Thanks for the review. It has been extremely helpful =D

  • Carol M

    I also use Revlon and it makes my hair look fuller and good gray coverage

  • laura v

    thank you for the review your hair looks so shiny

  • http://cookinginstylewithPinterest Melissa Macintosh

    Like to color hair

  • Savannah hadden

    Awesome review I’m always searching for a good hair dye that I can do myself! I love how shiny your hair looks after! Ill have to give this one a try!

  • Crystal Merrill

    That is a really beautiful color!

  • Jo

    Just like everything else “before/after” the before lighting is terrible and the after lighting and focus is much better.

  • lisa

    You’re hair does look shiny and healthy. The lighting in the two photos is different though.I’ve been worried about coloring my hair because of the gray hair. I will try this brand. Thanks!

  • Susan Wilder

    Unbelieveably amazing & radiant color!~what a big difference! Great product! Need to try this brand!

  • Robin Wilson

    Wow that is a lot of shine added to your hair! The color is gorgeous and it has a lot of highlights! I have not yet heard of this though I do use Revlon hair color. I like that it has mango and will look for it next time. Thanks for the lead and showing how well it works!

  • Weaves Glasgow

    I love Revlon because it is a good quality product and have a lot of features. I want to ask how I can purchase this? When you are buying product like this, money is no matter.

  • Amanda

    I just bought this and now I am very excited. I have loved Revlon Colorsilk for years. I wanted a reddish brown but the Light/Medium Reddish Brown Colorsilk or Colorsilk Buttercream is literally impossible to find. I was really close to buying a Light Auburn at the store but my conservative boyfriend begged me not to. I am currently a Very light Golden Brown and I wanted something a little darker (and redder!) for fall. I naturally pull red tones so seeing the above shiny golden reddish undertones makes me happy. Can’t wait to use it, thanks!