Del Sol Color Change Review


My son used to have a color change T-shirt!  It was so much fun!  He would run in and out of the sunshine to see the fish in the water when the sun it it.  So I decided he couldn’t have all the color change fun.  I got to pick out a Color Change T-shirt and nail polish from Del Sol. It was Color Change excitement times 11!  Well,  it could be times 21 if it was summer.

Color change Nail Polish:

I picked out Flirt and Lustrous Lady Nail Polish.  Since it’s very difficult to take pics of your own nails changing colors, I’ll just show you how they are supposed to look.


The one on the left is Lustrous Lady and the one on the right is Flirt!  Fun colors.  It hardly looks like I’m wearing nail polish with Flirt.  But when the sun hits it, watch out!!

Color-changing Nail Polish by Del Sol is the wonder of the sun at your finger tips! Indoors, the nail polish is one fun color. But outside, Del Sol’s exquisite, color change nail polish turns a dramatically different hue. Some styles feature glitter, too. From indoors to outside, and back to indoors, Del Sol Nail Polish gets attention as it changes.

• Many different color combinations to choose from plus seasonal colors throughout the year, all toluene-free.
• Large 0.5 ounce Italian glass bottles with stainless steel mixing balls. 

Strike a different look just by stepping outside with color-change nail polish from Del Sol!

How Does it Work:

It’s magic! Seriously, it’s the magic of Del Sol’s proprietary Spectrachrome® Technology. Spectrachrome crystals reveal their hidden colors when exposed to sunlight. NASA invented it for their space program, and Del Sol enhanced it for everyone under the sun! It’s not rocket science, but then again, maybe it is.

Color Change T-Shirt:

I love this Koi design.  Even without color it’s beautiful.  The Koi gets brighter and brighter the longer you stay in the sun.  Of course, right now it’s winter in New England with more snow coming, so I wasn’t standing in the direct sunlight.  I was standing in a big light puddle just like a cat, lol.

These T-shirts are even machine washable!   And you can tumble dry them on low.  Good think I don’t iron!  You can’t iron these T-shirts!

The color-changing Women’s V-Neck is the feminine way to wear a T-shirt. It is softly shaped for a classic feminine fit, plus it has fun designs that burst with color when you step into sunlight outdoors. 

• Combed ring-spun cotton, weighing 5.5 oz. means pure softness and comfort, providing added breath-ability. 
• Top-stitch ribbed v-neck and taped neck add comfort and style. 


With Sun:


I highly recommend Del Sol Color Change products to put some color back into your life!

Don’t forget to enter to win your own t-shirt and nail polish HERE.

Ends 3/24

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  • laurie nykaza

    I did not know that they made a polish that could change color I would love to try it. My daughter would love this too. The shirt really come to life with all the colors in it once in the sun.

  • Nicci Tapp

    Amazing review! I didn’t even know they made color changing t-shirts. :)

  • Jessica White

    Nice review that’s pretty cool they make shirts that change colors and polish!

  • Debby Chandler

    I love the colors so pretty! Thanks for the review.

  • Jacienda

    I used to purchase their products until the closest one shut down. I would love to have some of their stuff again!! They have cute stuff and the color changing is really neat to watch!

  • Danielle Winn

    I love how U told use hows the products work, and i love their Nailpolish! Ty for the pick of the Koi fish shirt!! Ty for this review!! :)

  • Linda Poplees

    great review, I bought one of these shirts on a cruise. Just love them

  • Dianna Thomas

    I love it the colors just change like magic with sunlight– that is awesome–so now I really want this–thanks for the review these are so awesome, that shirt is beautiful too, I love the butterfly one too

  • Robin Wilson

    Now I have heard it all…nail polish with NASA’s Spectrachrome® Technology!!! :) This is super cool. It makes me think of mood rings..yes I am THAT old! I think that these would be so much fun for the Spring and Summer on either the fingers or toes! I had heard of them, but never read how they actually work! Thanks for the information. Entering to win some now!

  • Judy C

    These products look really neat. Thanks for the review and I will definitely have to check them out.

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  • Shanna Schulte

    I think that it is awesome that the shirts change colors as well as the nail polish! I am definitely entering to win!

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  • natalie nichols

    This is awesome. I had seen the logo before but didn’t know what it was until now.

  • lenora cherry

    i can’t wait to try this granddaughter and i love ti try new polishes.

  • Susan

    I’ve seen these at Walgreens. Pretty interesting. Thanks for the review and information

  • Lana Dillon

    Wow the color changing shirt is amazing. I think I would wear it all the time just to watch it change. Love the idea and have to have one.

  • Margaret Polino Nicholas

    It is so neat , the color changing. Can’t wait to see it, even if not won. Thank you.

  • cortney walls

    I love nail polish, it’s an addiction of mine, but this review is the 1s I have heard of this color change polish! Thank you for the awesome review! I can’t wait to try this out!!!!

  • Lisa K

    I am ready to try it :)

  • Tammy Frye-Savino

    Love the shirts!!

  • Lisa Burke Cook

    Wow this is the first time I heard about the changing nail polish and shirts, thanks for sharing this with us and I can’t wait to try it!

  • lisa

    Thank you for the review/giveaway. Very informative, I did not even know about these cool nail polish and shirts until I read about them here! Would be great to win them!! LOL…..Have a great week!!



  • http://Facebook Sharon Hicks

    Didn’t know nail polish would change colors but i have bought shirts for the children that did.

  • Michelle Henderson

    Now I must say…this is totally awesome. As much as my mood changes regarding the color of my nails, this is a definite winner. They are thinking of everything now a days. This was unheard of when I was growing

  • Jeanine

    Nice review! I didn’t see your picture in the puddle, though. You didn’t fall in, did you? ;)

  • Vicky Allan

    I love Del Sol got hooked on them when we went to Florida on a vacation. It is nice to see such an awesome review of their products and it makes me want to go and place an order with them so keep up the good work.

  • Judy Lipcsak

    Del Sol is one of my favorite vacation souvenir stores. I like to buy their nail polish for the teenage girls who help with VBS each summer. It’s always a big hit.

  • Lucy Lopez

    These are so cool. My granddaughter would love these.

  • Lanie

    Love these polishes and tees! I think they are so neat. I would love to try the polish out and see for myself how it works. Their products look so fun! :)

  • Linda C

    I can’t wait to try these nail polishes! The Ts have been around for a while ( I bought one at the Homosassa, FL Butterfly Garden 2 years ago and just love it,) but the nail polish I believe is a new thing and it will catch on big time.

  • denise rivera

    When i was a teenager i had a shirt that would change colors and i thought i would never see another one again ! Now i do!! I love the shirts and nail polish i need to get me some!!!

  • Kristen

    omg i want to try these so bad!

  • Candis Hanson

    I did not know that they made polish and shirts that could change colors. I think it is so cool and I really want to try both.


    Omgoodness, that t=shirt is SO cool and the nail polish? WOW! I want nail polish that changes color! What a really cool product.

  • Joann Alvarado

    Wow! that is really cool! I’m glad i read this review because I didn’t know this product existed.:)

  • Amanda N. Douglas

    Looks like so much fun!

  • Amy Rose

    Thanks, NASA! haha

    I hope I get a chance to try these coloring changing polishes soon!

  • Helen May

    Wow pretty amazing the things that people come up with. It’s hard to believe things can change color like that! Interesting review.

  • Michelle Gierke

    I just love the idea of color changing nail polish and shirts! You get two different looks one for inside one for outside whats better than that

  • Jessica Zehel

    My sister had nail polish from Del Sol and I never even knew it changed in the sun! Would love something fun like this for the summer!

  • Chelsea Grooms

    I absolutely love Del Sol products. I had some of the nail polishes for almost 8 years after I bought them and they were still good. I first found out about them when I was in Alaska and am now really good friends with the owner’s sister. Just love these products!

  • Pamela Warren

    Back in the day this color changing polish would be known as Mood Polish. I like the idea and would like to try

  • Julie Wood

    I like this nail polish because it changes colors! I would like to get some for the summer months and have my niece and I see what it looks like on us!

  • Jane Ritz

    That sounds so neat and the shirts are beatiful. I love review. It really filled me in on these products as I was a bit confused. These products sound great!

  • Kathy Lane

    Nice review my grandaughters would love the nail polish and the t-shirt too.I love that they change colors.

  • John Hutchens

    very cool my kids would love this color changing polish and shirts

  • Mary Bearden

    I love their products! I was lucky to get a nail polish one time but I gave it to my daughter and now I wished I had kept it for myself. They really do change colors! Awesome products!

  • JennD.

    I am one who absolutely loves nail polish,you can say I have somewhat of an addiction to it so you can imagine how bad I really wanted some of this polish when I seen it.It also helps that I have always heard nothing but good reviews of Del SoL products.I also love the shirts why shouldnt adults get to have some fun with color changing shirts as well? I was looking on their web page and I really love the turtle one. Im trying to win one of the shirts and the polish so I have my fingers crossed if not I will probably end up purchasing at least some polish anyway.

  • Casey

    When I was younger, I always wanted a shirt that changed color in the sun. But I never got one. I don’t care so much about the shirt anymore, but the nail polish would be amazing!

  • joseph s

    great review, loved it!

  • rebeccabasset

    I didn’t know about their Polish either, but it does sound like magic! Can’t wait to try this. I remember bookmarking their page about 7 months ago to go back to when I had some extra money to spend, but the chance to win some is wonderful.

    Thanks for the review!

  • Betsy M

    can’t wait to get one

  • md kennedy

    Only 12 years old, my niece is a nail polish ADDICT so she would love to try these polishes. She’d look great in that T shirt, too!

  • Renee Jackman

    LOVE it cant wait to try the nail polish!!

  • chrissy c

    My daughter saw me reading this and said “I have to get some of that nail polish”! So I guess we will be getting some soon :)! Thanks for the review!

  • misaki covington

    very cool review

  • Michelle

    Can’t wait to try it! I <3 Del Sol!!!

  • Heather

    love this idea…I’d love to try it.

  • Vikki Billings

    I really like the The Tri Blend Tee- Heart & Wings

  • Miesha L

    I love these shirts and e nail polish! I wanna try the nail polish ASAP!! Can’t believe I’ve never heard of Del Sol until now!!

  • Darlene Ysaguirre

    What Fun Products its like having two items because they change appearance .

  • vickie marks allbright

    this is a great review and awesome products thanks so much for the review and giveaway

  • kris kaiser-hipp

    I really like the The Tri Blend Tee- Heart & Wings and the v-neck butterflies

  • Mary Mudd

    I have some of the polish, and I love it! The tshirts are really cool! My son got one , when he went to Florida with my parents. Loved that shirt!!

  • tina page

    i love color changing things. :)

  • Tara F

    I used to have a color changing tote bag ages ago – very cool.

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  • Jodi Reidy

    I Love their Products. I found their products Years ago and it is so much fun. This would be a Perfect idea for a girls Easter basket or just because. I have never been disappointed in anything I have ever purchased from them. I have used their nail polish and had shirts.

  • sandra davis

    i would love this product……..i love doing my nails and that is so cool that it changes colors.

  • Sue Hull

    this is just to cool. My 2 neices would love this nail polish. I’d love to have one of the shirts. Great review :)

  • SD Murray

    I always wanted to try the nail polish but wondered about the toxicity.

  • lori Simas

    Very cool!

  • Heather Leffel

    These are really neat! I know my 4yo daughter would absolutely love watching the colors change.

  • Leigh Runkle

    I would love to try some of these products!

  • Lori Bahn

    I would love to get these for my daughter she love nail polish. Thank you for sharing because I never knew they has these.

  • candi

    this is definitely the coolest thing ever…who knew nail polish and t-shirts could change colors in the sun…very creative I must say !!!!

  • michelle oakley warner

    i love their products i havent had the chance to get one yet but i will, my kids would love the stuff as well, great review thanks a bunch for showing the products

  • cassandra (rab pom)

    I love doing my nails daily yet have never tried this polish it seems like something I would have done already. I am going to buy it on my next trip to the store :) thanks!

  • Elizabeth Kasson

    I would love to try color changing nail polish!

  • http://facebook sandy goodwin

    i would love to have a color change tshirt

  • Mikki Cross

    I have 2 bottles of the del sol color change nail polishes and I intend to get more. Yes, they definitely change colors. I also have a canvas tote my son got me while on holiday. I love it. I’ll have to try the t-shirts next.

  • Larissa

    Love the review :) after reading it my fiance and I went to the beach and they had a Del Sol store. We ended up both getting a shirt and i got a couple of nail polishes and the color changing tote, and love them all.

  • cassandra smith

    I look of the nail polish especially cool! Would be great for the summer time

  • Tammy S

    Thanks for the review. My daughter has asked me to buy her some of their polish and I wasn’t sure the color would really change. After reading this post I totally think I will have to buy her some of their polish. with summer coming it would be a fun way to change up your look.