#JOCKEYBra Fit Kit System Review

#JOCKEYBra Fit Kit System Review

The Jockey Fit Kit

I received this Jockey Bra Fit kit, free of charge, for review purposes.

Have you ever gotten a Bra Fit kit in the mail?  I hadn’t either until Jockey!! I was a little surprised when I opened the box and it had a stack of plastic bra cups.  I knew right away that my new Jockey Bra was going to be one of my best fitting bras yet!

Let me tell you how simple it was to use and easy to order in just a few steps!


The Closest Thing to Custom

The first and only system that measures breast volume. Using volumetric fit cups to measure breast volume, along with a color-coded measuring tape, you can experience Love at First Fit, Guaranteed.℠

How to use the Fit Kit:

  • Choose the cup that looks closest to your size.  There are 10 in the fit kit box.  The cup should cover your breast with no gaps but nothing spilling over or bulging out the sides.  The easiest was to do this is to bend over and let your breast spill into the cup naturally.
  • Then take a measurement under your breasts (on your ribs) with the color-coded measuring tape.
  • That’s it!  Take those measurements to Jockey.com to buy your perfect fit Jockey Bra!


The Jockey website was super easy to use.  Each step was simple and you didn’t have to guess about whether you answered the question correctly.

There are 5 styles of bras.  Choose the one you like the best and that is available in your size and color. Click buy this bra.  Check out as you normally do with any online store.

Remember, you even get Free Shipping and Returns on every order!!

Try it today! Stay tuned for the arrival of my perfect fit Jockey Bra and my review!

You can get a Fit Kit for just $19.95 (shipping is free).  After you order, watch for the $20 coupon in your confirmation email to use towards your first Jockey® bra purchase.  In reality, the Fit Kit is free!

Disclosure: I received the free product as part of a promotional program with Jockey® and MomSelect.  All opinions are 100% my own.



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  • fragrant magnolia

    the plastic cups are a real surprise!

  • tina

    I must have this!

  • chantal ronchetto

    such a good idea. finally being able to get a bra that fits you just right.

  • http://www.facebook.com/krystalrivera krystal rivera

    wow now this is the highlight of innovation great idea and i must have one!! great review!!!

  • Lyndi Malarchuk

    Finding the right bra size has been a never-ending challenge for me! I’ve been 260-130 lbs, and worn 32-40 band, and C to J cups. According to the measurements that I’ve taken, I should be wearing a 32DD, but I’ve never found a 32DD that fits. I would LOVELOVELOVE to try the JockeyBra Fit Kit System and FINALLY find a bra that FITS!!

  • Sydney D

    It’s hard for me to find the right bra size. Maybe this will help!

  • Melissa L

    I need to try this. Have such a hard time finding bras!

  • Missie Sands

    Until coming across your review I was unaware of this so thank you for the info. I am always having trouble finding a good fitting bra some I am extremely excited to give this a try.

  • Renee Fischer at GGM

    iras soo impossible for me to find a bra that fits. i’m a 32 EE or GG.. but they dont make those. and getting them custom made is near impossible. i usually wind up getting a DDD or DDDD in a 36 and then shortening the band size. but even those are near impossible to find.